How do I plan and teach reading groups?

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Tina Pelletier

Debbie Hunsaker, M.Ed., is the Instructional Innovations Unit Director for the Montana Office of Public Instruction, which is responsible for implementing Reading First, Early Reading First, School Improvement, and the Montana Striving Readers Project. Before being employed by the state of Montana, Debbie taught first, third, fourth, and fifth grades. She received her undergraduate degree from Southern Utah University where she minored in reading and language arts. She holds a master’s degree in literacy and curriculum with an emphasis in diversity. Debbie also provides consulting services across the nation in the areas of literacy, assessment, leadership, and coaching. Debbie has written two children's books and two professional resource books.

Debbie Hunsaker M.Ed.

Tina Pelletier is a nationally recognized leader in supporting administrators and teachers in developing effective systems of support to increase student achievement pre-k-12.  Her experience has taken has taken her to over 30 states nationally in 4 countries internationally to inform, model, and guide teachers in using intense data analysis to effectively support students in Tier I, II, and III instruction.  She is a contributing writing on the CORE Teaching Reading Sourcebook (first edition) and has developed a data analysis process that helps district and schools increase performance for staff and students. Tina has served as an independent, international consultant providing practical support to federal and state agencies, administrators, districts, schools, and teachers in the area of Reading/Language Arts using a hands-on approach that is rooted in practical application of essential strategies with ties to data and rigorous attention to increased student achievement. Her areas of expertise include; School Program Improvement, Teacher Development and Training, Administrative Leadership, and Literacy through coaching, workshop, and institute opportunities.